Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Playlist 2015

It's no secret.  I've blogged about it for YEARS in fact. 

My crazy that comes with transitioning from one season to another.  You can read about here.  And, here.  And, here...

And, well, anyways....

Why do I do this?  Because my introverted brain (that part of me so many of you like to tell me doesn't exist) resists change, ironically, like clockwork

Since I can't live in the land of eternal summer, I've kindly helped myself transition up until now (in physical and metaphysical ways) by doing household projects, planning imaginary vacations, running races...and all sorts of other things.  This fall, I have family on the brain.  I miss my college kids.  I'm ready to go home and see my extended family.  And, therefore, not a single household decorating project made it on my want-to-do-list.  Unlike years past, I also surveyed my family and incorporated their wishes too.  They can thank me later. 

So, without further ado, here ya Fall Play List 2015.

Put some freezer meals away (because fall is the perfect time for this).
Finish the Couch to 5K app.
Get lost in a corn maze with thermoses of our favorite hot drinks. (Check!)

Visit Happy Apple Farm and make homemade apple sauce.
Take Billy to a Broncos game.
Buy tickets to take my family to a Christmas Play.

Send college kids a Fall Care Package  (Check!  Did that!)
Take popcorn and apple cider and enjoy a local outdoor concert.
Play at least (1) board game with the kids. 
       (Admittedly, one of my LEAST favorite ways to spend family time)

Have a smores party with friends and flannel blankets (buy flannel blankets).
Have a cooking date night.
Cuddle by a fire and drink hot drinks while we read a book together.

Fly kites on a windy day. (Check!)
Make Caramel apples.
Have a marathon party, stay in bed and watch a whole season of our favorite show.
     (Get a favorite show)


Buy Nitros Circus tickets for B's Bday  (Check!  Done.)
Visit Manitou and a restaurant we've never tried.
Go bowling with friends.

Explore a local Famers Market or Art Fair.
Golfing date.
Spend a date night at the bookstore.

Go see the leaves.
Go to the movies for V's birthday.  (Check!)
Mini Golf with Eli.

Bring a pizza to the park and toss a Frisbee or football.
Watch a football game with my boys.
Take family photos.

Go see my family in Alabama on Tgiving - make them do Tgiving Mad Libs.
Spend Fall Break with Liz and Friends.  (Check!)
Cut down our own Christmas Tree.

Now, don't play all or nothing.  We won't do all of those things either.
But, having the intention - and doing some of them will bring me joy enough.

Tell me, what are you going to do? 


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