Friday, July 5, 2013

{13 Great Books in 2013} - Another blog about books

I have friends reading 30 books in 2013.  Some reading 52.

13.  That's me.

I like to set goals I know I can hit apparently.

13 books in 2013.  Yup.

To make matters worse, I actually got behind when I had my surgery in April.  At that time, I had read only 3 books.

I FINALLY did finish this...

It's a short book.  It really shouldn't have taken me FOREVER to get through it.  And, whereas Chan has quite a bit to say that I like...he says it in a way that bores me to tears.  The man is all seriousness, no sense of humor.

As for all the stuff that he had to say that I didn't like, a friend recently posed the question to me, "Is RADICAL the new legalism?". 

And...that's all I'll say about that.

By now, it's June or at least it was June, and I was behind.  So, to quickly cover the lost ground I decided to read something easy, easy, easy.  My smart friends will say  I cheated.

I read...

And then I read...

It goes without saying that both books were full (FULL) of profound things I tell you.

Light hearted, in your face honest, and BIG PRINT (go figure), they were fun to read.  Although, they do contain A LOT of the same stories.

If you haven't seen Duck Dynasty on A&E -- do yourself a favor and start with Season 1.  Today.

On the plane home from vacation, I read this...

This novel is based on actual census information.  Apparently, so few people in the United States (in the here and now) are choosing to have children (or only having 1 child) that there is a date on the actual calendar where it is expected that we will have more retired, elderly in the population than young, able body adults supporting the work force.  The story is based on what happens then...

The start to the book is so CRAZY riveting that the next 3 - 4 chapters of character introduction move slowly in comparison.  After that though, it's a very interesting read.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.

As for how it ends, let's just say, I have 5 children. I've done my part. don't blame it on me.  ;)

Now that I'm back on schedule, I'm gonna give this a go...

I would LOVE to know what you are reading and how you like it!  

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