Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've said this before...

I've said this before, but people regularly say to me concerning our adoption of Eli, "Congratulations!" I understand (and appreciate) the goodwill behind this gesture...I mean this is the exact word we hear when we give birth. Come to think of it though, I've always taken THAT particular congrat to mean, "Congratulations your not pregnant anymore." Having had (4) children in 5 years, I couldn't have taken it to mean any other thing...give me a break!

I sometimes snicker to myself however, "Congratulations Shanna, YOU'VE taken on MORE responsibility". Or, "Congratulations, you now get to work even HARDER, lose even MORE sleep, do MORE laundry, spend even MORE money and MORE time away from Billy and those ever elusive hobbies." I'm actually just joking with myself (a sick form of encouragement)...but as every parent can attest -- along with more joy -- with each child comes all those other things too.

Tonight however, at the New Life Prayer Meeting, a young girl asked to pray for Eli. I don't know this person very well...but she's been a great influence on my oldest daughter. I appreciate her from afar. When she was done praying -- she said something that ministered to me as well. She said, "Shanna, I have such a heart for this type of ministry. Thank you for all your doing for Eli." That was it. Thank you. It massaged my heart though - Might as well have been spoken to me from the Holy Spirit infact. To all my adoption friends, Thanks...for ALL your doing. In the midst of multiplied responsibility, laundry, and toys on the floor...I'm still happy to be involved in what God's doing in the world. Blessings!

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