Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Books....

"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you'll be when you can't help it."  Oscar Wilde
This is a GREAT book on marriage, except it's not really about marriage.  "Jesus was right. We have it all backwards.  The way to have a great marriage is by not focusing on marriage."
Intriguing?  Before you judge it, read the book.  If we don't get the #1 thing right, all the marriage advice in the world won't help anyways.
(Side note:  Our 19 year old bought this read for herself, and I gave it to our 18 year old for Easter. When you have a good read, pass it on to your kids!)

Speaking of passing a good book along to your kids...I read this last year.  Twice.  Clearest, most basic teaching I've ever read on the Holy Spirit.  Stirs so much awe, thankfulness, and reverence on the inside.  This year, I decided to go through it chapter by chapter with my 8th grader.  Parents, do this.

So often, I talk to women who are depressed, discouraged, lonely and frankly...bored.  A lot of the time, a heavy dose of self focus is the blame.  That's not judgmental, we all find ourselves there from time to time.  This book focuses on the AIDS epidemic in Africa and Shayne's involvement in advocating for a sick, hurting people -- all while dragging small children in tow.  Very powerful.  A great read for anyone looking for inspiration to DO something -- anything.

Warning:  Strong, opinionated author.  And, if you are easily offended, you'll miss out on a fantastic read.   She makes some strong statements -- and as long as you can take what's for you, and leave the rest -- you'll get a lot from it.  The chapter on Intercession and Prophetic Decrees is something I wished I written myself.

Well, frankly, I underlined the entire thing.  Enough said.

I just LOVE their books.  I've read at least 7 of them.  They are light hearted and fun.  And, my life is so serious, sometimes I need a dose of light hearted and fun.
Next on the docet....
Finishing up this powerful read......
And starting this.....
Would love to hear what you are pouring over these days?

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