Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eli's Eyeballs - An Update

When we selected Eli's file for consideration, we consulted over the phone with the leading expert on children's Glaucoma in our area AND our pediatrician.  Between the three of us, none could fully interpret his poorly kept medical records.  Basically, we knew he'd be some where between corrected vision and totally blind.

Eli's right eye is totally blind.  Not only did he have cataracts at birth (in both eyes), a separate defect caused high eye pressure (glaucoma).  By the time he came to America, his optic nerve was eroded 99%.

Because the eye gets no use, it is in the process of dying.  The end result, a prosthetic eye.

For the past 3 years, his eye has been stable.  His last pressure reading, 6 months ago was a "9" -- which is fairly low.

Yesterday, we got a call from his school teacher stating that he was crying because his eye was burning.  We saw Dr. Lee to discover that the pressure had gone back up to a "40".  High enough to be painful.  Currently, we are using topical drops to try and bring the pressure down in to comfortable ranges.  If that doesn't work -- he'll have a little procedure done.  The goal is to postpone the prosthetic for awhile longer to allow for more growth and lessen the chance of complications.

In the mean time, we thank God the kid has 1 healthy eye!  Although his left eye does not have a LENS, it is functioning normally.  He's doing well in Kindergarten, learning his letters, writing, etc.  Recently, we received a scholarship that allowed us to get a CT TV for him for $200 (normal cost $3,000).  He works with one at school to blow his papers up to the correct font size.

We are all so in love with this little guy.  Most days, I can't believe he was considered a "hard case".

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