Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Public School

This may be too personal.  More information than you want to know about my family. THIS however is the convo after our first day EVER of Public Jr High School....

Mom, "So.....how'd it go?"

Ben, "Well, I didn't see anyone taking drugs."

Mom, "That's good."

Elizabeth (sarcastically), "You should try drugs."

Mom gives her a look.

Ben, "Two of my classes today were on field trips, so they just sent me to a different class.  No one seemed to be paying attention."

Hosanna, "Then you should fit right in (snaps a towel at her brother)."

Victoria, "I can't believe they let you chew gum there!  Right out in the open!"

Hosanna (whose been at TCA where gum chewing gets you a detention since 1st grade), "YOU CAN CHEW GUM IN THE OPEN?  WHAT THE HECK?"

Victoria, "There was a lot of 'touching' going on in the hall."

Elizabeth, "Yup.  Public school is super fun like that!"

Mom snaps HER with a towel.

Mom, "What did you guys have for lunch?"

Ben, "A piece of triangle shaped card board with some cheese on it."

Ben, "BTW, it's too soon to tell, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be popul...."

Mom cuts in with an exasperated look....

Ben, "Included.  I think I'm going to be included".

There ya have it.  Too bad they don't offer Sarcasm 101.  We'd ACE that.

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