Monday, March 26, 2012



Billy Here.......Recently Elizabeth Joy has been leading worship with her youth group, Desperation Student Ministries at New Life Church. She sings well and works with the band well and has great passion, but most of all, she worships. Since she was very little, we would put Praise and Worship songs and videos on only to have her engage with zeal and excitement. She has been singing since I can remember and over the past 16 years we have done our best to honor the fact that God has put this love for music, love for Him and love for worship in her heart and mind. Parents have a calling and responsibility to raise up their kids in the way "they" would go. This means that I do my best to look into the eyes of my baby, toddler, preschooler, kindergartner, second grader, fifth grader, middle schooler, then high schooler and discern gifts, strengths, passions, hopes, dreams and assignments from their Father in Heaven. This is not easy, but requires Faith in God. Faith that He has already done the work inside her, we only have to help keep them on the right trajectory to see it fleshed out and exercised in safety. 

Before I was married I prayed for years for my kids and wife. When in prayer for my kids I saw girls, little girls, one in particular, dancing, singing, laughing and playing in God's presence. When Elizabeth began to walk and run and dance, I keenly remember seeing her dance around the house one day and took pause. I remembered that moment, not because it had happened before, because it had not, but because I had seen it in my prayers. 

Today, Hosanna loves music and worship as well, so does Benjamin, Victoria and Eli. It seems to be a requirement to call yourself a Ramsdell. The kids sit at the piano and play, teaching themselves worship and popular songs. They dance and enjoy the presence of the Lord. Hosanna is dancing in the Thorn right now, a massive Easter production with over 500 cast and crew, presented to tens of thousands of people each year. Victoria sings and does hand motions with the worship team at NLC that goes into lead the small children. She loves it and is a great example. I'm not sure Ben has the desire or preparation to be in front of people, but he loves music and is growing in his love for Worship. We are thankful, frankly to NLC, the Desperation Band, Brad and Ross Parsley and other NLC staff who set the example of excellence in worship, music and singing. Our kids are changed because of it and I am forever thankful that we have been able to recognize the way God is leading them and just be part of that work. 

Finally, I must say that Shanna has been a huge part of the nurture side of music, worship and learning. She is the best music and piano teacher I have ever known and I believe her leadership with the kids has made a lifetime impact on them. Thanks to her for being a great mom!!!!

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