Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Being Thankful

I say this to my friends every year, but it's so good it's worth mentioning again.

Billy and I hate unthankfulness, especially in our children. Of all the crimes you can commit in the Ramsdell household -- it is the one that will get you the swiftest, heaviest penalty. God hates it too. He dealt the children of Israel 40 years worth of punishment for the 'grumbling'. That's a stiff deal for something we might consider trite in America these days.

Barbara Rainey (whose husband Dennis hosts the Family Life Today radio broadcast) wrote a great book called Thanksgiving, A Time to Remember. The book chronicles the real life stories of the Pilgrims. It's an enjoyable read for school-age children, teens and adults alike. It also has short highlighted passages for those reading to preschoolers. It can be read in a 45 minute block of time OR it can be read over the corse of a few days in shorter time increments.

Finally, the book contains a journal for families to record from year to year those things that they are most thankful for. It's can become a great keepsake.

This is our 3rd year using this resource and I love it so much, I give it as a gift. Here are a few notes from our pages:

"I am thankful for a forgiving and unfailing Lord! Also, for the freedom of religion and for the gifts and talents to praise God with." Elizabeth age 12

"I'm thankful for my mommy cooking us dinner. And! I'm thankful no one died today!" :) Hosanna age 10

"I'm thankful that Shanna 'goes with me'. " Billy 2008

In November it's so natural to focus on gratitude. Here's too doing it deliberately!

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