Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Many Ramsdell's Does it Take for Mom to Try and Aqua Aerobics Class?

Today, I checked something off my New Year's Resolutions list!

Aqua Aerobics.

This week I've been scouring through recipes trying to pull together some new "Healthy" dishes to try.  Made my shopping list.  Convinced Billy to ride with me to the store for the purchases (some things I'd never heard of), and off we go....

Our convo....

Billy, "I'm starving."

Me, "Want me to pull through?"

Billy, "No, I'll pick up something at the grocery store."

Upon entering the grocery store to buy ingredients for our healthy meals, he grabs a box on Valentine's Little Debbies.  "I'll just eat these," he says.  "Why am I the fat one", I wonder.

Walking to the car, I say, "Billy, would you really do anything to help me lose weight"?  B, "Of course!  I'd even walk over there and throw this box of brownies straight in the trash".  Said with convincing conviction.

Me, "Well...that would be a big sacrifice (insert eye roll).  What I'd like you to do however is accompany me to Aqua Aerobics tomorrow".


Mercifully, I decide not to press the issue with him.  I instead, keep daughters #2 AND #3 out of school -- just so I didn't have to go by myself.  How many Ramsdell's does it take for mom to try an Aqua Aerobics class?

Apparently, a minimum for 3.

But, we did it!  Yea me!

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